Jay and Silent Bob

Now you can see them live at The Hollywood Improv recording their comedy podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old. Ranked #1 on iTunes Comedy podcasts, this is a sometimes touching, always hilarious, look at what happens when two people grow up in Hollywood’s gaze.  These limited engagements will be recorded as the stories evolve live in front of the audience, and released for free on www.smodcast.comThe Pageant
Popular film director Kevin Smith (CLERKS, CHASING AMY, MALLRATS) brings his world-famous slacker creations Jay & Silent Bob to life as their “super-hero” personas: Bluntman & Chronic!

A fan trailer of Bluntman and Chronic. Jay and Silent Bob take over for Batman after he has retired. Clips from Batman v Superman were all pulled from the released trailers.
The “super-heroes” known as Bluntman and Chronic first appeared as a back-up story in Banky Edwards and Holden McNeil’s indie comic 37. ComicVine
I like the concept of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  The idea of a movie like Cannonball Run or Pee-wee’s Big Adventure that has celebrities, Hollywood, and a road trip all mixed together is fun…even something further back like It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  Unfortunately, there is a big problem…Jay and Silent Bob. Basement Rejects
The film could almost qualify as a 90-minute gay joke, but only the most militant of homos (with absolutely no sense of humor) could possibly be offended by the imbecilic antics of Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith), the two snootchie-bootchie goofballs who have appeared in all of Smith’s feature films thus far. Besides, gays aren’t exactly singled out; this movie is definitely an equal-opportunity offender. mike rucker writes
We goin’ back to the MALL, ya’ll! Stan Lee, Jay and Silent Bob and Michael Rooker are making a number 2. Talking about in this picture, not the movie. I’m aiming for the movie to be good. (This pic was taken yesterday, as all four of us gathered to shoot a really adorable Stan-centric spot for Audi that you’ll see online as we get closer to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.) Consequence of Sound
The guys on stage are just two average people who have extraordinary stories to tell. Some of the stories make us laugh, some make us cringe, and some even make us feel a pang of sadness as Mewes tells of his period of drug abuse. Sending a message of hope and positivity to the audience, it’s definitely a DVD that’s worthy of your time.  Bring the Noise
Kev Smith & Jay Mewes have survived the apocalypse thanks to their new found SUPER POWERS! by cheshirecatart – DeviantArt

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