All her pieces are full of colour and vibrancy with a series of lines all forming together to create the image. Lauren Windle – The Sun

The Reflections of Baloo

On her website Tjili’s parents wrote: “TJILI’s art-style has evolved to compensate for her physical issues – her wobbly torso and head, the lack of control over her fingers, and so on.
“Somehow TJILI manages to grip her graphite pencil, Wax Aquarell watercolour pastels and paint brushes in the palm of her hand, and produce firm strokes onto the art paper that she steadies with her other arm.”

Sunset at the Houses of Parliament

Tjili has cerebral palsy, is deaf and cannot speak. She is able to overcome her challenges to create amazing works of art that are winning critical acclaim.
This BBC video of TJILI‘s art and life story has so far received over 30 million views in multiple languages around the world. It’s just 60-seconds. #Enjoy  #Inspire.
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