The Simpsons Composer Alf Clausen

Lior Phillips stops by Moe’s Tavern to talk to the man behind the music. Consequence – April 8, 2017

Thirty-five years ago this month, America’s favorite animated family made its debut as part of The Tracey Ullman Show. Lior Phillips speaks to longtime songwriter Alf Clausen, who is arguably the oldest member of the Simpson family, having been there from the start.

Clausen was born in MinneapolisMinnesota, and raised in Jamestown, North Dakota. Clausen was interested in music from a young age. He counts composer Henry Mancini as one of his heroes; his book Sounds and Scores inspired him. He began playing the French horn in the seventh grade and also learned piano; and he sang in his high school choir. He continued playing and learned to play the bass guitar, stopping singing because the choir met at the same time as the band. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He studied mechanical engineering at North Dakota State University although, after being inspired by his pianist cousin, switched his major to musical theory. Whilst there, Clausen took a correspondence course at Boston‘s Berklee College of Music in jazz and big band writing.

You may not know the name, but he’s been one of the most influential and talented musicians you’ve heard for most of his life. For more than two and a half decades, Alf Clausen has been in his living room, the roots of his music entwining the joy receptors in his brain for half an hour at a time, which seemingly covered every genre from Latin jazz to jazz music. Broadway and wrote songs you know by heart, songs that can bring a smile to your face year after year.

He was also featured on The Simpsons albums and worked with Jackson Browne, David Byrne, The B-52s and U2. I’ve got two Emmys. One for “I’m Checkin’ In” and the other one where Homer wants the house of ill repute torn down, and Bart is working there and wants to keep it….

Alf Clausen has composed the music for every episode of The Simpsons over the past 27 years. He’s the man behind endlessly entertaining hooks like “We Put the Spring in Springfield” and “You’re Checkin’ In” (both of which won him Emmys). He is the never-before-seen but always-felt main character, alongside the intrepid Simpson family, the mastermind behind the nearly 30 musical cues in each episode.

Alf Clausen participa do 2016 ASCAP Screen Music Awards no The Beverly Hilton Hotel em 24 de março de 2016 em Beverly Hills, Califórnia.Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Alf Clausen is an American film and television composer. He is best known for his work scoring many episodes of The Simpsons, for which he was the sole composer between 1990 and 2017. Clausen has scored or orchestrated music for more than 30 films and television shows, including MoonlightingThe Naked GunALF and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Clausen received an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music in 1996. Darryl HintonWikitrusted. 17 de julho de 2021

The longtime Simpsons composer sued his dismissal from the long-running series, saying he was discriminated against because of his age and a perceived disability. Associated PressBillboard. 08/6/2019

The lawsuit filed by Alf Clausen in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (August 5) for age discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation comes nearly two years after Clausen says he was fired from writing and conducting all of The Simpsons.

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