WordCamp Denver

This summer, Denver, Colorado is excited to bring you a virtual conference all about WordPress. Simply put, anyone interested in WordPress. We’ll have something for beginners, developers, and everyone in-between.

WordCamp Denver, CO

WHEN (times are approximate)
Friday & Saturday, June 26-27, 2020
Friday (3-7pm), Saturday (9am-1pm)

Wherever you like to do your online things.

WordCamp Denver is your (free) ticket to learn more about the WordPress platform, and enjoy a fun, informative, stress-free virtual conference.

  • high-quality talks to propel you forward in your WordPress journey
  • experienced speakers sharing their knowledge of WordPress, marketing & web development
  • a few short, non-WordPress related activities to give your mind a break

5 Things to Do to Get the Most Out of WordCamp Denver

  • One: Pay Attention;
  • Two: Network;
  • Three: Pay Attention to (and Engage in) Social Media (Assista à hashtag da conferência no Twitter. Para o WordCamp Denver, siga #WCDenver ) ;
  • Four: Follow Up on Ideas and To-Do’s You Created as a Result of Attending;
  • Five: Engage with Sponsors (Visit the Virtual Hallway Track).  maddyosman

Join our group of amazing donors in supporting educational programs like charity hackathons and open source educational events, to ensure free access to supported software projects, protect the WordPress trademark, and fund a variety of programs. These programs are educational in nature and intended to increase understanding about WordPress, free software, and open source development. WordPress Foundation

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